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As you step into Gelasius’s office, you cannot help but pause, gawping openly at the chaos inside. There are an odd assortment of different sized desks spread throughout the room, and bookshelves line the walls, sagging under the weight of the texts that line their shelves. Piles of paper are scattered throughout the room, and a number of individual pieces flutter through the air, no doubt disturbed by your entrance, landing amongst the masses of books and an assortment of odd objects that litter nearly every surface. There are numerous alchemical devices strewn about the tables, in varying states of disrepair; despite the nearly uncountable number of scales, you doubt if there are enough parts left intact to build one set of accurate scales. A large desk dominates the far wall, and Gelasius beams pleasantly at you from behind a teetering stack of papers, patiently waiting for you to step further into the room.

“As I mentioned in my note, I have put together a large amount of information in order to, shall we say, enhance your saddeningly lacking education. As I expect this wealth of knowledge to grow at a rapid pace as the true extent of your ignorance comes to light, I have decided to give you access to parts of my research filing system – large chests containing folders to make cross-referencing items easier. I recommend you start with the “History of Cormir” section, which will point you in certain directions depending on your area of interest. The first chest, and hopefully the only one that you will need, is over there in the corner.” He says all this in his maddeningly pleasant voice, seemingly unaware that he just insulted your intelligence.

He stands and walks to the door, turning to remark briefly, “Oh, and, if you require any further information on a subject of interest, just let me know and I’ll be sure to add a section on it. Enjoy!” With that he exits.

Crossing to the chest he indicated, you dig it out of the surrounding mess and crack open the top. Inside, in stark contrast to the room surrounding, are neat rows of folders, each labeled and containing an orderly stack of papers:

Our World



Our Town


Heard About Town

Digging around behind what appeared to be the last folder, you find a smaller folder tucked in there labeled: Journals.

Main Page

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