Egalla was once a Dragonborn city, called Arkhon. However, as the Arkhosian empire fell, an earthquake shattered the city. The remnants of Arkhon have now been reduced to a small section of Egalla. Egalla is divided up into a number of different sections, which house various aspects of its diverse culture.

The Upper City

The Docks Due to the many canals and marshy islands, the citizens of Egalla have constructed their dock district haphazardly upon platforms and bits of dry land. Boats wend their way through the waters to make direct deliveries to taverns, merchants, and warehouses. People from both continents come here for trade and leisure. It is a bustling and sprawling section of the city andchaotics capitalism runs rampant. Business owners commonly pay protection money to the Thieves Guild, but must still fear piracy due to the easy access from the river.

The Suburbs The edges of Egalla are made up of residential areas. People of all races and from all walks of life live in the suburbs.

Arkhon (The Old City) This is a partially restored remnant of the Arkhosian Empire. In the massive Earthquake that shattered Egalla, part of Arkhon collapsed underground. Now the once magnificent city has been reduced to a shadow of its former glory. Rich merchants and scions of empires, past and present, have restored the more beautiful sections and have taken up residence. The more dilapidated areas have been abandoned or are home to vagrants. The Dragonborn populous is concentrated in this sector of the city, and can often be seen wandering the ruins in search of artifacts and memories from bygone days. They have restored their library, where they store found artifacts and where they have re-established their Mage’s Guild.

The Undercity

Lanark (Drowtown) The upper half of the Undercity consists of a community of Dwarves and Drow. They generally accept one another, but racial tensions sometimes come up. Some of the architecture is similar to that of the Upper City, but buildings dug into the earth are also common. Lanark has formed an exclusive socialist commune that depends on the support of the Upper City, and in return provides workers for the mines, as well as talented craftspeople and artisans. It is a grim and unwelcoming place.

The Mines The Mines are the heart of the city. Here, all the races and factions come together in cooperation, working to keep the city running. The mines are well organised and are carefully maintained. Disturbances are not tolerated.

Lowercity Amidst the hivelike tunnels of abandoned mines and former communities, gangs run rampant amongst the homeless and downtrodden. Hidden workshops house rebel arcanists who create unique experiments, while Primordial cultists plot against the world.


Egalla contains many varied factions, some of the more prominent of which are listed here.

City Council Made up of representatives from various city sections and factions, the council is the ruling body of the city. The council consists of the head of the Mages’ Guild, currently a Human; the descendent of the former ruling Human family; Two Halflings from old, noble houses; an ‘ambassador’ from Lanark; an elected Dragonborn representative; and an elected representative from the mines, currently a Half-Elf.

Churches Religious groups do not have a strong hold upon Egallans, but there are still temples in the city. Avandra is the patron of the city, and her temples are popular. The Empire has Erathis as their benefactor, so her temples can be seen in Egalla as well. The majority of the Elves and Eladrin in Egalla are zealous followers of Corellon, and have set up temples in the city, however more moderate churches of these gods exist as well. The Dragonborn tend to follow either Bahumut or Ioun, depending on their philosophical outlook. As the patron of mining and Dwarves, Moradin is revered by the Dwarves, and respected by all. The Raven Queen has a few cults in the Lowercity in addition to her sparse temples on the surface. The remainder of the gods may have a small temple or two, but are not widely revered.

Upper Watch This organization polices Arkhon and residential areas.

Lower Watch This organization polices the Undercity. They often face hostility from the residents.

Dock Watch This organization polices the Docks. They regulate and tax trade in addition to regular watch duties.

Guard This organization protects the city from outside threats such as piracy, as well as guarding the ruling body.

Army The imperial army has an outpost in every major city.

Thieves’ Guild This organization has a foothold in many city operations, many of which are legitimate. They are wide spread, but not firmly organized. They undercut any attempts to form other major guilds, however the Mages’ Guild is too well established for the Thieves’ to displace.

Mages’ Guild This guild spans both continents, and is centred on Enarcra. It was established before the Humans came to Arkhosia, and has since fused with the human’s guild. The Empire fears their influence, but also values their work. They are left be mostly because they have little interest in power, but instead in knowledge.

Rogue Mage Groups Many mages balk under the rules that the Mage’s Guild has set up, so rogue mages are common. Gangs of them have formed in the Lowercity, though rumours claim that a larger organization exists.

Gangs There are many different gangs, primarily in the Lowercity. These include a group of Drow who have abandoned Lanark, a coalition of followers of Corellon, various cults, rogue mages, and several more.

Pirates Though they are not a unified group, pirates are a regular presence, and sometimes have been known to band together.

Gypsies Nomadic Halfling gypsies wander the waterways, trading with and telling tales to those they come across.


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