In the time after the gods and primordials left Cormir, the continent of Arkhosia was populated by tribes of many races. At times these tribes would be peaceable but at other times they would be at war.

It came to pass that in the East, in a nest of constantly warring tribes of Dragonborn, a leader rose that would conquer the continent. Arkhon was a great warrior and leader who banded together the Dragonborn clans to create a great nation. Not satisfied with the rocky land in which they lived, Arkhon sent out explorers to find better lands for his people. They discovered a land of lush grasses, rivers, and lakes to the West. The land was kept verdant by the presence of Ornisk, what we know as Aethrum, a material that was uncommon but very valued in the East. Thus it came to pass that Arkhon left with his warriors to conquer the land to the west and establish his empire of Arkhosia. He set up his capital city on a large river near the coast of the Mid Sea, an area rich with Ornisk. His people called the new capital Arkhon after their leader. Eventually the people of Arkhosia spread throughout the entire northern continent, building infrastructure and bringing peace to the land. Arkhon made treaties with the Halflings of the Falkemen islands, allowing their trading vessels to travel all through Arkhosia’s rich river system, while acquiring the Halflings’s skills for themselves. However border disputes with Aldarad were common so peace was not universal, but for a time Arkhosia prospered.

After many years a ragged platoon of ships was sighted off of the northwestern shore of Arkhosia. The ships were greeted by wary Arkhosian warriors who were prepared to greet the ships with words or steel. A new people, the humans, emerged from the ship. They came seeking asylum; their previous home had cataclysmically been wracked with earthquakes and storms. The Arkhosians gave the humans permission to establish a settlement on their lands, and the humans quickly built a town using the wood from their ships. After a time the humans started to wander into Arkhosia, becoming citizens of towns across the continent. As they spread, some towns in the northwest of Arkhosia came to be primarily human settlements, where they had once been Dragonborn.

The humans had their own system of governance based upon class; The dispossesed nobles of their previous home still held governmental power. These nobles disliked their position as a secondary, municipal government, and they dreamed of becoming rulers of the entire continent.


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