A Brief Overview of Cormir

Cormir, a large landmass on the Material Plane, is divided into two halves; the northern continent of Arkhosia and the southern continent of Aldarad. The two are separated by a large sea, referred to as the Middle or, more commonly, Mid Sea.


The continent of Arkhosia takes its name from what was once an empire, ruled over by the Dragonborn. Long ago, this empire was toppled by the arrival of the Humans. Cutting a bloody swath across the continent, the Humans set up their own empire, referred to simply as The Empire. The Empire has been unable to keep a hold on the entire continent, and has receded from the North East. They maintain a strong trading alliance with the Halflings. Relations with Aldarad are often tenuous, and a last Dragonborn stronghold maintains its independence on a peninsula in the southwest of The Empire.

The geography of Arkhosia is vast and varied. Rivers and waterways form a lattice across the entire continent, providing the primary means of transportation; much of the land towards the centre of the continent is extremely fertile. To the east, the land becomes rockier and more mountainous, hiding a wealth of precious gems and metals below the surface. Grasslands pervade the west, and many people raise livestock because of this.

Mid Sea

In the Mid Sea, there are several islands, though two are most prominent. The island of Beal Turith is home to the Tieflings, and consists of a single mountain thrusting out of a sea. The other major island is Enarcra. The age-old Mage’s Guild is centred here. The island rises like a tower out of the sea, and is riddled with tunnels and rooms.


The southern continent of Aldarad is made up of a plethora of geographic areas, including everything from jungles to deserts. Interspersed throughout the region are many tribes, kingdoms, and other such groups. These various factions regularly send representatives to a grand assembly. Despite this, there is very little in the way of a cohesive Aldaradian government.

A Brief Overview of Cormir

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